Intellian t130W 1.25 Meter

Intellian T130W is the world’s first and only 1.25m stabilized ku-band marine satellite TV antenna system exclusively designed for commercial vessels to receive all kinds of satellite TV services as well as the latest DVB-S2 service around the globe without the inconvenience hardware changes throughout the trip as they cross multiple satellite TV coverage areas.

Integrated with the 2nd generation WorldView™ LNB module, t130W is capable of offering the most clear, reliable, and stable TV receptions for boaters to tune in any channels on any satellites seamlessly throughout the voyage regardless of whether the circular polarized programming in North, central, and South Americas or the linear polarized programming in Europe, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region.

The t130w is built with Intellian’s extremely high vibration and shock standards to withstand all sea conditions. The wide elevation range from -15° to 120° enables the t130W to have great reception while the vessel is traveling near the equator or Polar Regions. With a simplified yet sophisticated mechanical design and excellent satellite tracking capability, the t130W is recognized as the Real Definition for Satellite TV System at Sea.

T110W Dynamic Beam Tilting Illustration

Experience the Innovation of Intellian
Intellian exclusive WorldView™ LNB module is designed and manufactured by Intellian’s in-house engineering, which offers seamless switching between circular polarized programming in North, Central and South America, and linear polarized programming using Universal Quad LNB in Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific with its built-in Auto Skew Angle Control system.
Enjoy Seamless Global Satellite TV Reception
The t130W are 3-axis models of the new line. Now you can enjoy satellite TV services around the world without manually changing the LNB inside the antenna dome each time the vessel crosses into a different satellite service region.


Global Satellite TV Programming Reception
 Global satellite TV signal reception through ONE LNB module, no matter the signal is Linear or Circular
polarization, and Low or High-band frequency*
Built-in Intellian WorldView™ LNB Module
 Multi-band, Multi-polarization LNB (Low Noise Block) Module
No Need of Manual Reconfiguration Work
 One LNB Module is compatible in Americas (Circular) to Europe (Linear) without manual changing of
LNB inside antenna radome.
Automatic Polarization Control
 Built-in WorldView™ includes automatic Skew-angle Control System
Intellian Exclusive Product Reliability
 Designed and Manufactured by Intellian in-house engineering
Dish Diameter
 t130W: 125 cm (49.2″)



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Intellian t130W 3-axis Global System with 125cm (49.2 inch) Dish & WorldView LNB Gen 2
Price: $24,510

T130 System Brochure