Marine TV Antennas

Mobile Satcom’s complete line of satellite TV antennas provide users the most reliable, technologically advanced, and simple to use television systems in the world. All of our maritime TV products have been thoroughly tested by our in house team of broadcast engineers.  These rugged systems offer seamless TV signal delivery for boat owners who travel anywhere around the world, even in the roughest sea conditions.  We deliver only the best performing antennas from Intellian Technologies which provide crystal clear HDTV reception right at the dock in your slip.

Both of our High Definition and Standard Definition antennas feature cutting edge design and deliver exceptional RF signal performance delivery, while requiring nearly zero maintenance.

Depending on the size of your vessel, Mobile Satcom can provide an ideal antenna system solution for your application.

Mobile Satcom sells, installs & services the entire Intellian dish product line.

For vessels under 30′ (10 meters) in length, we recommend the Intellian i2 or i3 with dish dimensions of 33cm and 37 cm respectively.

i2 33cm Antenna

The i2 antenna weighs less than 10 lbs (4.5 kilograms) and is fully capable of receiving HD signals from all of the leading satellite television providers around the world.

i2 Specifications:

i2 Antenna Specs


i2 marine tv dish

Intellian i2















Intellian i2 Price: $2,349


Intellian i3 Specifications:

i3 Mechanical, RF & Physical Specs

i3 Mechanical, RF & Physical Specs



Intellian i3 Boat TV Dish System

Intellian i3 37cm Dish















The i3 is priced at- $3,795

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